Talks & Workshops


The Research Challenge Workshop

Jen Romano, Rebecca Destello and I created and moderated "The Research Challenge", a workshop for junior researchers to work on real-life research challenges and practice research planning skills. In an interactive remote session on MIRO participants worked in groups and individually on research tasks - with timeboxing like in work-life or job interviews. This was the first of our workshop series on 9 Sept. 2020, and the next workshop is on 7 Oct. 2020.

Oct. 7 is SOLD OUT, but we have new workshop dates: 18 Nov. 2020 & 15 Dec. 2020.

We have taken feedback from the first workshop into account and offer you an improved workshop: number of participants limited to 15, more time to work on the challenges (workshop extended to 3h), more individual moderator feedback. And of course, new research challenges!

Feedback from participants

"Great vibe!" "Great to learn from others and see different approaches." "I enjoyed the group activity - to see different perspectives on the same issue." "Really powerful learning tool, as there is no one 'right' way to do all this!" "A lot of constructive feedback." "3 organisators worked well together and gave multiple viewpoints to our solutions."

"Hi Sabrina, thank you so much for co-hosting the Research Challenge today. I really enjoyed having you as my group moderator during the workshop. Even though it's not in-person, you radiate so much warmth and good energy!"


Related to our Research Challenge Workshop, I also give coaching sessions.

Feedback from participant

"It was amazing to have this coaching session with Sabrina, who is an exceptional User Experience researcher. Her knowledge is vast and extensive. Sabrina inspires and motivates her mentees, while she assumes a full-time leadership role in VERJ. I’ll most certainly think of Sabrina as a professional I can always rely upon to get some great advice."


Audience feedback

"I loved your talk, super insightful." "Emotional manipulation is such a huge part of UX and the examples you used I thought were fascinating!" "Excellent talk about emotions and design." "An awesome talk."

I regularly give talks at meetups and conferences, in London and elsewhere in the world. Next dates and details are on my events page.

Searching & Finding - A Lifelong Quest

How do users search? This question is quite crucial for the user experience.

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Emotions of Online Shopping

A Usability Study of Online Stores Using EEG Measurements.

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Personas - Who Owns them?

Why do we need personas? Who is using them? How do we create them?

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