Research Challenge Workshop

Workshops 2024

The Research Challenge Workshop

Take a look at Jen's website to check the dates of the next workshops.

Jen, Rebecca and I look forward to working with you on new research challenges!

Workshops 2023

The Research Challenge Workshop

  • "Hi Sabrina, thanks for the great workshop today. I was able to take a lot with me, especially when it comes to the strategic view of research projects." Participant, workshop 6 Nov.
  • "Interacting with you during the Research Challenge workshop on April 5 was a delight. I had fun participating and observing how others in the group brainstormed ideas." Participant, workshop 5 April.

We have new research challenge tasks in each workshop!

Workshop in person & full-day at WUC 2022

Jen and Sabrina Workshop WWorld Usability Congress 2022

Jen Romano and I moderated another Research Challenge Workshop at the WUC. Live, and a full day! The two research challenges - tasks to be solved first as a group, then as an individual - were combined with short presentations about the best research approach and example studies.

Workshop in person at UXPA 2022

In the picture you see us - Jen Romano, Rebecca Destello, and I - in our first in-person 'Research Challenge' workshop at UXPA San Diego on 20 June 2022:

Jen Romano, Rebecca Destello and I created and moderated 'The Research Challenge', a workshop for junior researchers to work on real-life research challenges and practice research planning skills. In an interactive remote session on MIRO participants worked in groups and individually on research tasks - with timeboxing like in work-life or job interviews. The first of our workshop series was on 9 Sept. 2020, and the following ones were on 7 Oct. 2020, on 18 Nov. 2020, and on 16 Dec. 2020. The big three did it again! In 2022, we hosted a 'Research Challenge' workshop on 17 August 2022.

Feedback 2022

  • "Thanks again for your mentorship throughout the Research Challenge Workshop, I really enjoyed getting to know everyone and learned so much in those three hours."
  • "I found it a great learning experience, helpful, and very informative!"
  • "Thank you for the great workshop yesterday. It was a great way to practice my UXR skills as I go into my new role, and I enjoyed learning from you."
  • "It was such a good experience; I'd love to be a part of any other workshops you put on."
  • "Excellent method to encourage participation. I was very engaged." (in-person workshop)

Feedback 2020

  • "Great vibe!"
  • "Great to learn from others and see different approaches."
  • "I enjoyed the group activity - to see different perspectives on the same issue."
  • "Really powerful learning tool, as there is no one 'right' way to do all this!"
  • "A lot of constructive feedback."
  • "Three organisators worked well together and gave multiple viewpoints to our solutions."
  • "Loved it! Working through this as a group was so beneficial. This met my expectations for a short workshop - great value! Everyone was fantastic :) thank you."
  • "Thank you! This was really helpful to ID comfort levels and where I can grow more. I'm looking forward to more UX Research sessions."

  • "Hi Sabrina, thank you so much for co-hosting the Research Challenge today. I really enjoyed having you as my group moderator during the workshop. Even though it's not in-person, you radiate so much warmth and good energy!"

Usability & User Experience Book

Text book with UX basics for exam preparation.

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Emotions of Online Shopping

A Usability Study of Online Stores Using EEG Measurements.

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Personas - Who Owns them?

Why do we need personas? Who is using them? How do we create them?

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